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Card type: (At Home in Cozumel accepts Visa, Mastercharge, American Express, and Discover.) Card type: (At Home in Cozumel accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.) For reservations like yours (made more than 29 days before arrival) a deposit of 50 % of total amount will be debited at the time of the reservation. Balance will be debited 45 days before arrival.

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Reservation Policies, Rental Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions




The initial payment amount (50% of the full amount) is payable at the time of the reservation. If you are paying by check this payment must be received within 7 days. The entire remaining balance is due 45 days prior to your arrival date. Please mail it in time to reach our office promptly. Credit card payment is allowed in many instances.... call our office (800-833-5971). Security deposit (when required) must be paid by check at the time of the final rental payment If payment is not received by due date, then the reservation is subject to immediate cancellation.




Payments are refundable only if we can re-rent the property. If you must cancel, your payments will be forfeited unless the property is re-rented at the same rate, for the exact dates. If we are able to re-rent the property you will receive a full refund, less a $150 cancellation fee. If an emergency occurs and you must cancel, please call 800-833-5971 and every effort will be made to re-rent the property so we can offer you a full refund. 




Any guests under 25 years of age must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. At Home in Cozumel, Inc will not rent to high school or college groups, even if they are chaperoned by adults. At Home In Cozumel, Inc reserves the right to immediately terminate or reject rental, without refund, if in our opinion the tenant has violated these policies or determines, in Agent’s sole discretion, that the conduct of  tenant(s) are detrimental to the property.  




Guest will be responsible for all damage and loss to the property during their stay and will be required to keep the property secure and locked at all times.  Guest agrees to surrender the property in the same condition as at commencement of the rental period and agree to be responsible for excessive cleaning, repair and housekeeping expenses caused by Guest.  An inventory and inspection will occur after every rental and Guest agrees that the credit card on file may be charged after the rental for additional repairs and charges, accidental damage or breakage in excess of $10, missing items (towels, sheets, DVDs, etc), or damages to the property or the common areas.  Neither Agent nor the property Owner shall be responsible for missing or stolen property of any Guest and Guests are asked to use the property safe to store money, tickets, travel documentation, jewelry and other valuables at all times.  If a safe is not available or operational, please contact At Home In Cozumel for assistance.




We have learned that our vacationers do not travel hundreds of miles to damage a home or rental unit. At the same time, experience also tells us accidents can and do happen. We require a Security Deposit of $500 to $1000+ on all properties depending on the property. Most clients choose to pay a non-refundable Damage Waiver Fee. The Damage Waiver fee for Studio to 2 bedroom size unit rentals is $25. The Damage Waiver fee for all property rentals 3 bedrooms and larger is $50. The fee is in lieu of the damage deposit and is an insurance fee to cover accidental damage or loss up to $500 at studio to 2 bedroom size properties, and $1000 at 3 bedroom and larger properties. If damage occurs during your stay, guest must notify the At Home In Cozumel office immediately to have the damages/loss covered.  The policy does not cover acts that are intentional or due to gross negligence, willful/wanton conduct. You will forfeit coverage if you fail to report the damage/loss before departure from the property. Theft or damage of any property owned by or brought onto the premises by a Guest is not covered under this waiver. If malicious or intentional Guest damage occurs, or any damages in excess of $500 for Studio to 2 bedroom size properties and $1000 for properties 3 bedrooms or more, the Guest will reimburse Agent and/or Owner the full replacement costs including attorney's fees and guest agrees that the credit card on file may be charged after the rental for said additional repairs, damage, or breakage in excess of the insurance coverage. A few select Condos/Villas may alternatively require the security deposit of $500-$2000 instead of the waiver. Please report any problems or damages observed in the rental property upon check-in. Charges are assessed to cover damage, excessive cleaning and unecessary service calls. Unreported problems and /or damages are assumed to have occurred during occupancy and guest shall be held responsible for those damages. Security Deposits, if you do not elect to take advantage of the Damage Waiver Plan, will be refunded within 30 days of your departure providing no damage is found. Additional security deposits are required if and when weddings or other gatherings are authorized.




Please note the Maximum Occupancy of the property. Exceeding the Maximum Occupancy at any time, with either overnight guests or day guests is not permitted without express written approval due to property owner requirements, health regulations, building codes, and other. Plan a large enough (occupancy) property for the total number of your anticipated guests. Parties, weddings, functions of any sort, involving added guests, necessitate express written permission of At Home In Cozumel, Inc. If you exceed the number of guests the property was reserved for you will be required to pay an additional guest charge, or in the case of exceeding the maximum capacity you will be required to find alternate accommodations for the extra guests. 




Construction of new attractions and accommodations often occurs in resort areas. We cannot move people, make rate adjustments or rebates for inconvenience due to construction, road repair, etc. 




The risk of your particular vacation at your particular time of year actually being disrupted by a Hurricane is statistically very low. But just in case you are still concerned, At Home In Cozumel as part of our commitment to total guest satisfaction, offers you our Hurricane Guarantee to put your mind at ease.


1.      If you are holding a confirmed reservation and are unable to travel to Cozumel because of the closing of the Cozumel Airport or the Island due to implementation of our National Hurricane Plan we will allow you to reschedule and we will credit 100% of your payments towards a future reservation in any property offered by At Home In Cozumel.  This credit has no time limitations or penalties associated with it *


2.   If you are currently on Cozumel and a hurricane is predicted to impact the island we may require that you depart the island early. If this occurs we will credit 100% of the dollar value of the lost vacation days towards a future reservation in any property offered by At Home In Cozumel. This credit has no time limitations or penalties associated with it *


3.   If prior to your Check-in Date the property you have reserved is rendered not-habitable, or public utilities on Cozumel Island are not operational, we will credit 100% of your payments towards any other property offered by At Home In Cozumel that is available. Alternatively we will credit 100% of your payments towards a future reservation in any property offered by At Home In Cozumel.  This credit has no time limitations or penalties associated with it *


*A hurricane is defined/validated by the National Hurricane Center, typically a tropical cyclone in which the maximum sustained surface wind is 74 mph (64 knots) or greater. A property is not considered not-habitable because the beach or surrounding area has been made less than desirable by a storm.




Should a villa or condo be sold prior to your arrival At Home In Cozumel will endeavor to substitute comparable or better accommodations without liability. If comparable accommodations are not available, or guest chooses to decline substitution, guest may receive a complete refund of what was paid for the original villa.



Our staff works very hard to make sure your stay is happy and comfortable. However, there are things that are out of our control, please understand that there will be no refunds or discounts offered or expected. Examples of these types of things that are out of our control include: breakdown of air conditioners, TV’s, VCR’s, electronics and appliances, satellite/cable television, telephone, Internet (including loss of signal), construction nearby, beach accesses unusable due to acts of nature, a home not decorated to your tastes, bad weather, disturbances by neighbors, or beach access location.  





Adults traveling with children and minors are solely responsible for them.  There is no life guard on duty at the pool or hot tubs.





Agent/ and or Owner shall not be liable for damages resulting from injury to any person or any person’s property in connection with this Rental Agreement or while on the premises.  TENANTS agree (1) to indemnify and hold harmless Agent / and or Owner from any liability, loss or obligation resulting from any such injuries or damages, and (2) to resolve any disputes under Mexican law. The municipal court of the city of Cozumel, state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, will have complete and absolute jurisdiction regarding any legal action.

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