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Scuba Diving in Cozumel

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Papa Hog's Scuba Emporium Cozumel, Mexico

Papa Hog's Scuba Emporium

  • Call Toll Free from the U.S. or Canada: 1-877-389-3629
  • Contact us direct by Phone - Fax - E-mail:
    Cozumel Phone: 011- 52- 987-872-1651
    Cozumel Fax: 011- 52- 987-872-4465
  • Terrific Location! On the Beach, with a Fantastic Shallow Reef 100 feet from our Pier. Across the street from the Villa Blanca Hotel and the Hog Town Cafe.

The Hogs

Papa Hog's Scuba Emporium is owned and operated by Mike and Margaret Gerus, originally from Ontario, Canada. Mike has been a diver for over 30 years and actively involved in the diving business for 30 years. He worked in the Florida diving industry and owned a string of dive shops in southern Ontario. Mike is the National Training Director for IDEA Canada, a Course Director for NAUI, and Instructor with PADI.
Margaret had been in the travel business for 14 years when she met Mike. "I took his diving course," said Margaret with an impish grin, "and fell in love with the teacher." She also fell in love with diving and has been working in the diving business for the last 20 years. Margaret is a Scuba Instructor with PADI and holds Staff Instructor status with NAUI and IDEA Canada. Margaret comes highly recommended by many experienced divers, as their instructor of choice.
Mike and Margaret opened Papa Hog's in 1991, with one six-passenger fast boat and some stiff competition (over 50 other dive shops on the island).
Early in 1998 Mike and Margaret decided Papa Hog's needed some major upgrading. Besides purchasing new motors for the boats and a new face lift for the dive shop. They have opened a new restaurant / bar called the Hog Town Cafe located across the street from the dive shop.
Today, with 100+ dive shops on the island, Papa Hog's has grown to become one of the larger and more popular dive operations in Cozumel. Currently Papa Hog's has a fleet of 8 boats. 5 six-pack or eight pack fast boats, one 29' Bayliner for 6 divers or fishing, a 34' fishing boat, one 48' eighteen passenger diving or fishing boat.
Even with all this growth Papa Hog's continues to offer a small dive shop atmosphere with great service and no cattle boats. Their staff of divemasters, are some of the finest you'll find in Cozumel. Come and enjoy a dive with us.

Scuba Diving at Papa Hog's

We welcome all beginner and experienced divers alike, we group divers with similar experience levels together into our six-pack fast boats. You can depend upon Papa Hog's and our Dive Masters to safely do "your dives" the way you would want.
Papa Hog's will pick-up groups of 4 divers or more from a convenient location close to any of the homes being offered by At Home In Cozumel. Stop in and arrange pick-up times.
We are not a cattle boat operation. Dive computers are encouraged.
Our six-pack fast boats depart every morning at 8:30, getting you to the reefs early. While off-gassing between dives, our boats pull up to beach side resorts.

  • Two Tank Boat Dives
    1 or 2 days = $TEST PRICE CHANGED per day, 3 or more days = $54.00 per day
  • Three Tank Boat Dives - $80.00
    All boat trips include: Dive Master guide, two different reefs, refreshments, tanks, weights and belt.
  • One Tank Boat Night Dive - $40.00
    Night dives are an unforgettable experience, come enjoy one with us. We do night dives twice a week or upon request from 4 or more divers. The boat departs from our pier approximately * hour before sunset. Dive lights are available.
  • Tank Rental - $6.00
    We are fortunate to have a very popular shore diving reef only a few feet away from Papa Hog's Beach, called Villa Blanca Shallows. You are welcome to come and do a shore dive from our beach. No need to bring a tank with you, we rent them here, and any other equipment you may need. Unlimited Shore Diving is included with the purchase of any of our Hotel - Diving Packages.
  • 3 Tank Around the Island Diving and Fishing Package - $150.00
    The fun begins at either San Juan or Barracuda Reefs for the first of "three" Dives. Then, it's off to a full day of Diving and Fishing the eastern side of the island. Make reservations ahead of time and please be a little flexible with the departure time. Weather and sea conditions are the determining factor here. We use our large and roomy 48 foot boat for this trip. Have Hog Town Café cook up your catch.
    Contact us for more information on this fun packed adventure.

!!! Notice to All Divers !!!

As of March 15, 1999 - The National Marine Park (Parque Nacional de Cozumel) is charging each diver a user fee of " $2 per day " to scuba dive in the National Marine Park (where most of the reefs are). The Park Fee will be collected by the Dive Operator you are diving with. The Dive Store will issue you a Park Bracelet good for One Day.

Scuba Instruction

Papa Hog's offer some of the best scuba training available anywhere. If you have never experienced the joy of taking the Plunge, Papa Hog's Resort Course or Open Water Certification Course will have you diving the beautiful reefs of Cozumel in no time.

  • Resort Course - $55
    Introduction to Scuba Diving - Takes Only 3 hours - Scuba Instruction is given by a Certified Scuba Instructor and includes:
    Classroom training - all equipment and instruction of use, practice time on some basic skills in chest deep water with the Instructor - One tank dive with Instructor on a shallow reef - a Life Time of Memories.
    Completing this course allows you to dive from Papa Hog's boats to shallow reefs during your present stay on Cozumel.
  • Openwater Certification - $350
    The complete Scuba Certification Course which allows you to dive most anywhere in the world and purchase dive equipment - Takes 3 or 4 days - Includes all equipment - Classroom - Water training - Required open water dives - Certification Card
  • Referral Course - $175
    Save some vacation time and do all of your classroom and pool work back home at your local dive shop. Then bring your Referral Form from your local Instructor and do all your required open water dives in the warm waters of Cozumel.
  • Refresher Course - $55
    This is for divers that are already certified and haven't been diving in a while. Our class and water session will help you refresh your knowledge and diving skills. Includes all equipment and one tank shore dive with Instructor.

As a Reminder: While on vacation, the earlier you start your scuba instruction the more time you'll have to dive. Too many wait until the end of their vacation to give diving a try and go away wishing they had started sooner.

  • Advance and Rescue Courses - Inquire for pricing
    Already a Certified Open Water Diver? Have a desire to increase your diving knowledge and skills? Papa Hog's offers the Advance and Rescue Courses, which will have you on your way to being a diver that others will want to buddy up with.
  • Specialty Courses - Inquire for pricing
    We offer many Specialty Courses for certified divers who want to increase their skills. Here's a few of our specialty courses that are available: Drift Diving - Night Diving - Deep Diving - Navigation - Medic First-Aid
  • Dive Master or Assistant Instructor Courses - Inquire for pricing
    Dive Master or Assistant Instructor Courses are available for those that have a desire to be involved in the leadership part of Scuba Diving and a prerequisite for those on the way to becoming a Scuba Instructor.
  • Scuba Instructor Courses - Inquire for pricing
    Scuba Instructor Courses are available for those wanting to become a well-trained Scuba Instructor. Contact Mike Gerus at Papa Hog's. Mike is a Course Director for NAUI and National Training Director for IDEA Canada.

Diving Cozumel!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the year to dive in Cozumel?

You can dive in Cozumel all year round. However, as a general rule, you'll enjoy the absolute best weather and highest visibility for diving during the summer months.

Should I arrange my diving from small fast boats or large boats?

The size of the group is a matter of preference, however, we feel small groups provide optimum diving conditions for drift diving. Why? ...Drift diving, different from anchoring a boat, requires the group to descend, drift, and ascend together, the more.... the unmerrier!. In addition, fast boats easily reach the many excellent reefs located on the southern end of the island. See "Drift Diving" for more information.

How deep will the dive be and how much diving experience do I need?

There are excellent reefs from 25 feet to major wall drop offs. The average first dive is to a depth of 80 feet but we do offer specialty dives for the advanced diver after proof of experience with our staff. All dives are customized to the needs of the individual diver. Our small groups along with Cozumel's warm water and good visibility provide excellent conditions for diving.
The more advanced sites are available for the experienced diver and require a greater degree of skill, confidence, and experience. These reefs would be suitable for divers with an advanced diving certificate or higher qualification (or proof of experience to our staff). See "Reefs" for more in depth reef descriptions.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

It's up to you-we offer top quality, new, maintained dive and photography equipment for rental. Tanks, weights, and belts are included in all dives. Heavy wet suits are rarely necessary due to the warm water conditions, Lycra or 3mm (1/8 inch) suits are fine. Keep in mind that drift diving does tend to chill the body a little more. Don't be fooled by the water temperature. See "Equipment" for more information.

How safe is your diving? Does your staff have safety training and do you carry safety equipment?

Very. Our small groups are closely monitored by trained captains, divemasters, and instructors. Each with current certification and trained in Decompression sickness, CPR, and Administration of Oxygen for Scuba Diving. All boats are equipped with oxygen and safety equipment. You will however be briefed by your dive master on what to look out for and what you should not touch.

Will diving take place in groups or buddy pairs?

Each diver will have a buddy for additional safety but the group will drift together.

How about Snorkeling?

Cozumel is a great place for the snorkeling enthusiast! If you are venturing for the first time into tropical waters, or it's been a few years since you last donned your face mask and fins, a few hours practice at shore before snorkeling from the boat will be well spent. The prime attraction of the reef is the sea and what's in it. You'll miss much if you can't get into the water and be relaxed and confident while your there.

To take the Openwater Course, do I have to be a good strong swimmer?

You must be able to swim a distance of 200 meters to commence the Openwater course in any style you feel most comfortable. It is not necessary to be an excellent swimmer, but in-water confidence must be shown.

What is the minimum and maximum age to be allowed to scuba dive?

The minimum age, according to PADI standards, is 12 years of age. There is no set maximum age provided the student is fit and able to complete the requirements of the course.

What are the major fish types on the reef?

Get ready for a diving extravaganza! Huge moray eel, gigantic lobster, crab, grouper, octopus, squid and thousands of species of tropical fish, the list goes on forever....

What else can I expect to see?

Beautiful coral gardens, wall formations, swim through, tunnels, and caves... you can experience it all.

What are possible treats?

On occasion, turtle, manta ray, eagle ray, dolphin, and shark.

A little more on our diving services.....

Several boats have cover for shade and cushioned seating. Dives are managed in a private or semi-private style charter with a maximum of 7 divers. Each member of the boat is interested in completing the same style of diving (i.e. tables, computers, reefs, experience). Due to arranging our dives in this manner, our groups are generally much smaller.
Diving with computers and taking advantage of Cozumel's multi-levels and longer bottom time is not a problem. If a multi-level/computer profile interests you, it provides you with an average of 1 hour bottom time on each dive on our beautiful reefs over the standard table of 30 minutes.... double the dive for the same amount of money. A computer profile dive of course is not mandatory. If you prefer a dive following the standard tables we will follow that wish.

Our goal is to offer excellent diving with safety in mind. Our boats are equipped with oxygen, safety equipment, fire extinguishers, etc.

Our service also offers complimentary gear handling and washing. This eliminates your need to lug gear back and forth to the boat each day. You arrive to the boat to find your gear set up and ready to go. You just need to make a safety check-over, slip in, and enjoy your dive.

All dive trips include tanks, weights, belts, inwater dive master, refreshments and tropical fruits.

We offer a complete set of gear with our packages for boat diving (bcd, regulator, mask, fins & snorkel) for a small fee. Wetsuits, lights, and computers are available for an additional fee.

Dives to advanced sites such as Punta Sur, Maracaibo, Barracuda are a 'surcharged dive" due to the advanced nature and distance needed to travel. Please note that all divers must dive a minimum of 1 day before diving the advance sites to ensure that they have the skills needed for diving these sites.

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