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Managing Your Cozumel Home

BBB Accredited BusinessIf you're like most homeowners on Cozumel, you want your sea front house or condominium to be a source of income, not worry. As a United State based company, we are easily contacted by you. And because we are in the USA, we know how to market your property to Americans and Canadians, who make up 95% of Cozumel's visitors. On the Cozumel end, At Home in Cozumel has also contracted with the most reliable property managers on Cozumel to take care of your property. Because they have been in the property management business on Cozumel for over 18 years, longer than anyone else, they know how much work and attention to detail it takes to both maintain your home and get it rented. And because we are members of the Better Business Bureau, we know we must be accountable for our performance. You see, we recognize that we have 2 responsibilities to fulfill: 1) maintaining your home in pristine condition; 2) getting it rented for the most days at the best rates. Let's briefly consider what it takes to meet both goals.


Your vacation rental home demands even a higher standard of maintenance than a home that is lived in full time. That's because when you have paying guests in your Cozumel home, they are on vacation and expect to be comfortable all the time. Each day is precious to them. They don't want to be told that we can't get hold of the repairman. So our contractors have a full time in-house maintenance staff ready to address any problem immediately. Of course, most of the time we aren't repairing problems - we're preventing them. That's what maintenance is all about. We do regular inspection and maintenance to stop problems before they occur. To give you some idea of what this means, consider what will probably be the single biggest single cost associated with running your home: air-conditioning. You might be surprised to know that , the biggest part of that cost is not in the purchase price of an air-conditioning system, but in the consumption of electricity. Electricity is not cheap on Cozumel. So to make sure your air conditioning system is running as efficiently and frugally as possible,our people e schedule regular cleaning not just of the filters but the compressor and tubing as well. And to keep those air-conditioning systems in good shape they periodically paint and inspect them. We try to replace a part before it fails. What's more, when they do replace that part, they do it right Many air-conditioners are burned out before their time simply because a repairman jury-rigged an inappropriate part rather than go to the trouble of getting the right one. We know because we've seen it time and again when our representatives have taken over the management of a property. Now, it doesn't do much good for them to keep that air-conditioning in great shape if your electricity gets cut off. Which brings us to another part of maintenance: paying your bills. Whether it's utility bills , land taxes, phone bills or Satellite TV bills, our representatives make sure that your payments are made on time. And we make sure to forward to you their full full reports of all these payment with receipts. They keep up-to-date with your bills and with you. We can do that because we are both on Cozumel and in the United States. So we're easy to contact and talk to no matter if you are on the island or back home.


Now that we've shown you how we can pay your bills, the second part of our service comes into play: getting your home rented. We've put a lot of time and thought into analyzing how to maximize your rentals: not just how much to charge and when to charge it, but how to make sure you get the most days at the best prices. Also, we now accept Visa/Mastercard. This has increased the pool of possible renters greatly. What's more, to rent your homes, an agency must be accessible to prospective clients. The vast majority of visitors to Cozumel are North Americans. Prospective renters don't want to have to choose between sending an e-mail and making a costly long distance call to Mexico to make inquiries about a house. Overwhelmingly they prefer a toll-free number. And once a reservation is made, that toll-free number means your guests can easily communicate with us before they go. Which means they know what to expect and what not to. So they're not disappointed when they get there. A satisfied client is the best advertisement a business can have. Nothing beats word of mouth recommendations. And when your guest arrives at the house, our representatives are there to meet them and escort them to their home. While they are enjoying your home, they are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So they know we'll be there if they need us. Should you have any questions about our company, we suggest you call the Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Florida. Their phone number is 561-842-1918. We welcome your inquiries.