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All our Cozumel Rental Villas and Condos are Oceanfront

All our Cozumel Rental Villas and Condos are Oceanfront.All of our Cozumel vacation rentals are not just near the water, but right next to it.

Included in our Cozumel Vacation Rentals: Daily Maid Service, Bed Linens & Bath Towels, Purified Drinking Water.

All inclusive - Cook service for your vacation rental

Add All Inclusive meals 6 days, breakfast + dinner $200 per person*

Cozumel Villas & Condos with Wi-Fi Internet

Most of our Cozumel Villa & Condos offer for Free: Satellite/Cable TV, Wi-Fi Internet, Long Distance Calls to US and Canada

At Home in Cozumel accepts Visa, Mastercharge, American Express, Discover, and checks.

At Home in Cozumel accepts all major credit cards - Visa, Mastercharge, American Express, Discover, and checks.

The Mexican Government has mandated an increase in the added value tax from 11% -16% in border areas including Cozumel. This tax will be in effect for all reservations placed as of Jan 01, 2014. The lodging tax will remain at 3% making the total tax on reservations increase from the current 14% to 19% . All prior confirmed reservations with a deposit will be honored at the old rate. BOOK BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2013 AND YOU WILL BE CONFIRMED AT THE OLD RATE SAVING 5%!!!!

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE. We promise to meet or beat any lower price. The price must be for the same property, same dates, and for the same number of guests.

NameBedroomsBathsPoolMax. occupancyLow season nightHigh season night
Residencias Reef 7140studio1yes4$69,00$89,00
Residencias Reef 8170studio1yes4$79,00$99,00
Las Uvas II11yes4$109,00$129,00
Residencias Reef 523011yes4$135,00$175,00
Residencias Reef 713011yes6$99,00$129,00
Residencias Reef 718011yes4$89,00$119,00
Residencias Reef 813011yes4$89,00$119,00
Residencias Reef 838011yes4$89,00$119,00
Residencias Reef 716011yes4$89,00$149,00
Residencias Reef 624022yes6$189,00$250,00
Residencias Reef 732022yes10$169,00$229,00
Residenicas Reef 818022yes6$150,00$175,00
Residencias Reef 532033yes8$249,00$349,00
Residencias Reef 533033yes8$249,00$349,00
Mar Azul 70233yes7$260,00$300,00
Costa del Sol B433yes8$260,00$300,00
Costa del Sol D4 Vista Bonita33yes8$200,00$250,00
Residencias Reef 720044yes10$199,00$299,00
Residencias Reef 726044yes8$249,00$349,00
Residencias Reef 736055yes10$299,00$399,00
Villa Alegria53yes12$499,00$599,00
Villa Las Glorias54,5yes14$599,00$799,00
Villa Iguanas Sur55,5yes14$499,00$699,00
Villa Yak Alil54,5yes16$699,00$899,00
Villa Las Uvas55yes14$299,00$399.00 FOR 4 GUESTS,00
Las Ventanas56yes15$499,00$699,00
Villa Rosmar55yes14$2050,00$4100,00
Villa Dos66yes14$629,00$949,00
Casa Mondo Palancar77yes16$1 750,00$2 150,00
Villa Ranas Sur65,5yes16$499,00$699,00
Chango Villa78yes14$949,00$1149,00

Cozumel is safe! The San Francisco Chronicle currently made this statement about Cozumel, "There are benefits to being not only an island, but about as far away from the U.S. border as you can get and still be in Mexico. Cozumel, coincidentally, also escaped the flu scourge. You don't have to think twice about visiting. Tripadvisor goes as far as to say, "Cozumel is one of the safest travel destinations in Mexico and may be one of the safest places for travelers all across the world".

Our Cozumel villas and condos are right on the ocean, sea, and beach. Our Cozumel vacation rentals offer you a level of privacy and comfort unmatched by hotels and resorts, along with the astonishing beauty of the Caribbean sea of Mexico. We have Cozumel Mexico villa rentals for every desire, whether your priority is to relax to the sound of waves or to spend your days snorkeling amidst the jewel-colored fish of our reefs.

If we had a motto for our villa rentals, it would be "Of the sea, for the sea, and by the sea." All of our vacation rentals are right next to the ocean. Being At Home in Cozumel means that you will be not just near the water, but right next to it. We know you haven't come all this way just to land a few yards short of the beach. We know that the sea is at the heart of all Cozumel vacations.

You want to look out your window and see it; step out of your door and be on it; and in less than a minute, be able to plunge into some of the clearest and most turquoise water the Caribbean has to offer. You want to spend your days with the ocean and your nights hearing waves that lull you to sleep. Your Cozumel villa lacks only one

Since Jacques Cousteau first discovered the extraordinarily clear waters of Cozumel (up to 300 feet visibility!) and its amazing coral reefs, snorkelers and divers have come from all over the world to immerse themselves in this extraordinary world beneath the calm surface of the Caribbean. At many of our Cozumel villas, you can snorkel right at your own shoreline and see a variety of fish and coral that usually only scuba divers get to experience. And if you're a scuba diver, you can enjoy virtually unlimited dive time in the shallow waters off the houses. What's more, divers and snorkelers can get dive boat pickup right at the homes to take them to the major reefs such as mighty Palancar and towering Santa Rosa. No matter what your interests are, Cozumel villa rentals are perfect for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a reunion of old friends. Whether you're coming from another part of Mexico, or directly from the U.S. or elsewhere, Cozumel vacations offer you a chance to unwind in rhythm with the ocean. Other keywords you could find us through are:"beach vacation", "cancun", "cozumel resorts", "cozumel vacation villas", "home rentals", "lodging", "maya rivera", "mayan rivera", "playacar", "rental property", "timeshare", "vacation property rentals" and "vacation villas"

What's more, because we have vacationed intensively here for over 20 years, we know how to connect you to the best providers of diving and snorkeling trips, archaeological tours, fishing trips, car rentals, and almost any other service you might desire. travel insurance to ensure that your vacation investment is protected. And because we are located in the USA, whenever you need to ask a question we're just a toll-free call away. So whether you want a 1-bedroom condominium or an 11-bedroom villa, we have Cozumel vacation rentals that are right for you. Browse our site to find detailed information about the Cozumel rentals we offer. There's something for everyone, whether you enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, relaxing on the beach, or experiencing the culture of a Mexican Riviera paradise thanks to our Cozumel vacation rentals: Cozumel villas and Cozumel condos